All about me

Hello! This is Jane.

Jane Donovan has been enthralled by all that cameras appear to capture–for as long a she can remember-love, chaos, one-in-a-million moments, grief, surprise, and so much more. She began exploring the art on film Photography seriously at age 14, and it quickly became her first true love. She spent free time developing her skills through photography courses, graphic design classes, endless practice, and studying others’ work. 
After attempting to fit into the corporate world for a while, Jane decided to take a leap of faith and began her own photography business in 2019– she hasn’t looked back since. A sought-after professional who’s been published many times over, Jane’s dedication shines vividly through her work. She believes that every experience– every photo– tells a unique story, and treats it as such. Her goal is to beautifully and genuinely cement these stories so that those she has the privilege of working with never forget those special moments, and ensure that they’re never lost in time.

Personal Outtake 
Hi Y’all,

Welcome to my website– I’m so excited you’re here! I know that, personally, I prefer to know a bit about the people I work with, so here’s a little run-down on what makes me, me.
I’m an outgoing, fairly “Type-A” 25-year-old who loves to connect and create, but simultaneously values “alone time” (youngest child + Taurus, anyone?). A few of my favorite things include:
Exploring new places, whether it’s a local shop or new cityDrinking copious amounts of coffee because, well...caffeineWorking out (for those good gains and endorphins) Spending quality time with my friends and familyTrying new food, indulging in my favorite snacks...just eating, really
Depending on my mood, you may catch me staring into the reflective, crashing waves only a St. Pete sunset can offer, scream-signing anything from T-Swift to MGK, or watching Gilmore Girls for the 19th time (Team Logan, duh). 

I hope to get to know more about you, too!

- Jane Donovan